The Definitive Guide to Bathtub Refinishing

The Buzz on Bathtub Refinishing


We have finished lots of tasks of all sizes, we have refinished bathrooms and kitchens of all sizes. We have over 33 years of experience in the market, our business has actually grown to more than 20 locations in several states. Our customers vary from houses to hotels, we have done it all and continue to offer exceptional customer care.





In this outline of the refinishing process, we'll give specific focus to what chemicals are used to resurface a bath tub. The chemicals and paints perform the main roles in the refinishing operation.

For one, it dries much faster than oil-based polyurethane and smells less, too. Of course, you'll still need to effectively ventilate any location in which you utilize water-based polyurethane.




The Best Guide To Bathtub Refinishing


bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
When using the paint, utilize a premium brush and paint along the natural grain of the wood in smooth, even strokes. Afterwards, use a high-grain sandpaper to carefully remove any undesired disproportion of the coat, such as streak lines. Add another coat, let dry and finish with an even higher-grade sandpaper.





After the acid etching finishes its job, the service technician just neutralizes the acid and securely cleans the solution down the tub drain or safely disposes of the mixes that is cleaned onto the tile walls. This process may sound easy, however never ever effort to carry out an acid etching job yourself.

A well-informed client ensures comfort, trust and relaxation. We aim to back up our quality service with the desire to respond to any concerns you have concerning the fantastic and transformative process of bathtub refinishing.




How Bathtub Refinishing can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.


bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
Lots of house owners have actually faced it: a fantastic house at the ideal cost, but the bathroom is directly from the 1970s. Why did people pick harvest gold, forest green, or pink tubs and toilets back then? Perhaps it was hip and exotic at the time, nevertheless, you most likely wish they had actually selected timeless white.







Bath tubs or tub and shower surrounds are another issue. You could replace it with a low-cost fiberglass shower maybe you've been considering a $300 model at Menard's however how do you get the old one out? You would have to destroy the tile, remove trim, and find a method to fit the old beast through the door.

Best of all, the brand-new layer can last up to 15 years prior to requiring to be replaced, if dealt with properly. The majority of the time, when you hire an expert reglazing company, your surface area will look entirely new and be softer and smoother than previously. Sometimes, if it's used improperly, the new coating can have among a number of problems: Bubbles Rough texture Fading Sticky sensation If your tub has a sticky sensation after the needed drying time has passed, do not use it and call the business back right away. bathtub refinishing.




Fascination About Bathtub Refinishing

The other issues can take place when misapplied and can be repaired by beginning the process over again. It goes without stating that you need to: Ask about guarantees or guarantees they provide. Discover out how experienced they are, and whether click here now they have useful site referrals. Get a written quote to ensure there aren't amaze charges at the end of the task.

There is nothing even worse than beginning a remodeling job and messing it up so badly that your space was worse than before you began. Now, you have your own mistakes to stare at every day instead of simply an unsightly color. Most house enhancement stores offer bathtub and tile refinishing paint in a low-cost kit that you can use yourself.

The paint is hard to use correctly. You have to apply an entire coat and recoat in the very same space of time until the tub is covered no waiting till next weekend to apply a 2nd coat!




Fascination About Bathtub Refinishing

benefits are many. The advantages of refinishing as a green improvement option to replacement is popular. It is likewise the most affordable method to handle bathtubs, showers, countertops, ceramic tile, and sinks that Full Report are broken, dull, or hard to clean. Refinishing your bath tubs rather of replacing them gets them appearing like brand brand-new at a portion of the cost of replacement.

The benefits of bath tub refinishing have made surface repair the best option to replacement with brand-new bathtubs. Hotels, apartments and property owners, real estate agents are conserving money and time and without the unpleasant process of demolition and removal. A bathtub benefit that many people appreciate is that it saves money. The slow real estate market has actually increased the interest in and overall restroom remodel.

00 depending upon what part of the country you live in. This expense is high due to the fact that of what is not seen throughout a remove. The walls are secured, pipes tasks are involved, tile and floor jobs. You get the photo. On the other hand, you save up to 80% of the expense of renovating or replacement.




9 Simple Techniques For Bathtub Refinishing


bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
saves time (bathtub refinishing). Replacing a bathtub can take weeks when you think about the time to rip out your old tub, install the brand-new one, pipes, cleaning up all that mess and perhaps plumbing and changing the tiles. With refinishing, it takes about 3 to 6 hours depending upon the condition of the tub.

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